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Literacy Transition Project

Literacy Transition Project

Two secondary and three primary schools from Preston Teaching School Alliance have worked together to create a Literacy Transition Project to prepare year 6 pupils for English in secondary school. The project is to be completed after the year 6 SATs tests. The aim of the project is for year 6 pupils to become more independent and confident with the skills needed. The project is in a format of a take-away menu and resources. Instructions were produced for each activity. Some activities require some teaching or input from the teacher. As a result, examples of good lessons on how to teach the skills required have been created.

Opportunities for primary and secondary teachers to observe lessons have been organised and can be organised again in the future for teachers interested.

Three primary schools from our alliance trialled the project in June/July 2017.


After the project was trialled in three schools, feedback was obtained. The year 6 pupils from the different schools really enjoyed the Transition Project. They thought that the takeaway menu was a great format and it gave them much more ownership of the work they were producing.

Mrs Beresford, Year 6 Teacher from Queen’s Drive Primary School, described how ‘the parts that required teaching were well received and it was really helpful to come to Broughton High School and see how such lessons might be delivered at Key Stage 3. My class liked the independence they had in terms of their choice of how to present their work and they loved the mix of writing and use of ICT.’ 

The three primary schools are all interested in doing this project again in the future.

Quotes from some of our year 7 pupils who completed the project in year 6

'I enjoyed having a range of activities that I could choose from. I picked the ones I found the most interesting.'

'At the time I found it quite hard to do some of the tasks but it helped me because in my year 7 English class when we have done similar activities I knew how to tackle the tasks when some of my classmates did not.'

'Some of the success criteria given with the tasks were what we now have to use in secondary schools so I feel more confident.'

'I liked that we could be creative with our work and do something different from the others in the class.'

'We had to choose 3 tasks from the menu and pick one from each colour so the tasks were going up in difficulties.'

'For some tasks, we could only work independently but Miss Murray, our teacher, gave us some support materials and help sheets. I felt proud figuring how to do a task by myself. However some of them were very difficult.'

'It was nice to work on the takeaway project after SATs.'

Next steps

Primary teachers involved mentioned that even if the project was very successful, we would still have pupils arriving from their school without knowing exactly what they are capable of. We are therefore now discussing how we could overcome that.



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